guest care comes first

At NephroPlus, guest care always comes first. For us, it is more about the number of smiles we have put on our guests’ faces than about the number of dialysis sessions we have done or the number of injections sold. By focusing on quality, we have changed the way people think of dialysis in the country. What bigger testament to this than the fact that our guests love us!

aashayein is our exclusive event for dialysis patients...

Aashayein is our flagship annual event exclusively for dialysis patients. It is a one day free, educational cum fun event for dialysis patients. Patients get to interact with experts on kidney disease such as Nephrologists, Urologists, Transplant Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and Dieticians. They also get to meet other patients and share notes on coping with kidney disease. There are also a lot of fun and games and a whole bunch of free gifts! The best part of the day is usually an elaborate lunch that is prepared in accordance with the renal diet.


our training academy

As NephroPlus expands across different cities and states, there is one challenge that continues to bother us – the severe shortage of trained and certified dialysis technicians and nurses. We believe that these people, who actually interact and treat our guests are the most important in the entire team. These are the people who actually provide the care. These are the people in whose hands, the lives of our guests lie.

It is imperative, therefore that we make sure that these people are the best.