Refund and Cancellation Policy

The customer is eligible for a 100% refund in the following cases:

  • If customer has done multiple bookings due to system error in case of “Book an appointment” or “Ask Nephrologist a Question”
  • If the guest has made a successful booking and there is no dialysis slot available in that Center/time slot or if Nephrologist fails to answer Guest’s question within a stipulated time

Please note: No refund will be initiated for any reason not mentioned above

Refund process: In all the above cases, if the claim for refund is found to be valid, refund will be made as mentioned before

  • Order placed through “Pay from Deposit” mode shall be credited to the Guest’s Deposit and
  • Order placed through any other mode other than “Pay from Deposit” mode will be refunded through fund transfer to the same mode of payment that was used to pay within a maximum of 14 Business days from date of cancellation