Dr. Suresh Sankar is a dually specialized professional combining two decades of Nephrology practice with a decade of clinical leadership experience. A patient-centric practitioner he rigorously applies science to clinical practice within the contours of patient choice and affordability; a strong need in Indian health care. As a clinical leader, he is proficient in improving population health with deft synchrony of management objectives and organizational capabilities. Highly committed to systems improvement he combines able talent management, process improvement, and adept data skills to design, deliver and optimize patient care programs. His knowledge of the context of health care in India, cross-industrial learning, patient expectations, and stakeholder engagement are effective tools to drive focus and momentum of clinical teams. A sound clinical strategist, his collaborative functioning with other divisions ensures superior service delivery

When he has some free time, he likes reading non-fiction, catching a good movie or travelling.

Email: suresh.sankar@nephroplus.com