Fluffy whole wheat pancakes are easy and quick to make with very few ingredients.

Makes: 6 in no

Serving Size: 1-2 in no


Whole wheat flour 1 cup

baking powder, levelled 1 teaspoon

Sugar 3 teaspoons

Milk 1.5 cups

Unsalted Butter 1 tbsp

Vanilla essence ¼ tsp

Cooking Oil 1 tsp or as required.


In a sauce pan heat milk to luke warm temperature, do not boil the milk. Add butter and let it melt. Mix Well.

Add sieved wheat flour, sugar and vanilla essence to the milk-butter mixture with a wired whisk mix the batter well

Break lumps with whisk and make a smooth batter. A few tiny lumps are fine in the batter.

Now, add baking powder and give a final mix.

The pancake batter should be of a pourable consistency and not thick. If the batter looks thick, then you can add some hot milk to reach desired consistency.


Making Whole Wheat Pancakes

 Heat a non-stick pan and brush it with oil.

Pour a ladle full of batter on the pan and let it spread on its own.

On a medium flame let the pancake cook.

When the base becomes crisp and golden, gently turn over pancake and cook till golden brown.

Remove and serve. Repeat the procedure for other pan cakes.

Serve pancakes with maple syrup or honey.

Nutritional Content per pancake

  By - Mrinal Pandit, Chief Dietitian, NephroPlus

Energy Kcal Protein g Sodium mg Potassium mg Phosphorus mg Fibre g
140 4 49 119 117 3.5