Portion: 9-10
Serving Size: 3-4 in no

Ingredients (1 cup 150 g)
Cucumber, medium 1
Hung curd 1 cup
Black pepper ¼ tsp
Green chilies, l ½ tsp.
Garlic, finely chopped 1 tsp.


  • Mix all the ingredients together except cucumber.
  • Use a mandoline or potato peeler to cut long thin strips from the cucumber.
  • Take a cucumber strip and spread a thin coat of the mixture along the length of the cucumber. Make sure to get some mixture all the way to the end, so it will stick the roll together.
  • Roll it up! Do the same with the rest of your cucumber strips.
  • Shots are ready to serve.

Nutritive value as per one serving

Calories : 170.8 Kcal
Proteins : 11 gm
Sodium : 20.8 mg
Potassium : 100 mg
Phosphorus : 100 mg