Portion Size: 5 bowls
Serving Size: 1 bowl

Curd, Low fat 250 gm
Pineapple, chopped ½ cup
Sugar Substitute 1 tsp
Jeera Powder ½ tsp
Red chilli powder ¼ tsp
Pomegranate arils 2 tbsp. (Optional)
Coriander, chopped 1 tsp for garnishing (Optional)


  • Whip curd with sugar substitute until smooth and light.
  • Add jeera powder and red chilli powder.
  • Add pineapple pieces, pomegranate and coriander.
  • Refrigerate until served.

Nutritive value as per one serving:

Calories : 46 Kcal

Proteins: 2.1 gram

Sodium: 20.8 mg

Potassium: 104 mg

Phosphorus: 51.2 mg