A refreshing salad which is easy to make and simply delicious.

 Serving Size-3 bowl

Portion Size:01



Pineapple, chunks- 1 cup (165 g)

Cucumber, peeled chopped- 1 cup (133 g)

Cherry Tomatoes, halved -3-4 in no

Lemon juice-1tsp

Lettuce, chopped -1/2cup (18gm).

Salt-A dash (0.4gm) or as suggested by the dietitian.



Wash the pineapple, cucumber and lettuce under running water. Pat dry and keep aside.

Cut pineapple and cucumber in small pieces.

In a bowl combine the lemon juice, salt & mix it properly.

Add the rest of the ingredients & toss lightly and refrigerated.

Salad can be served cold.

Nutritional value Per Serving

Calorie Protein Sodium Potassium Phosphorus
42.26Kcal 1.28g 161.91mg 234.37mg 29.65mg