Contributed by a NephroPlus guest, Mrs. Kanthi Sivasankaran


1. Raw rice 200 gm

2. Potato 2 small pieces

3. Mustard ½  tea spoon

4. Chana dal Broken 1 tea spoon

5. Green Chilli 1 piece

6. Garam Masala 1 table spoon

7. Paneer grated 1 cup

8. Cooking oil 1 table spoon Salt – a pinch


For Stuffing:

Leach the potatoes, mash them and mix with grated paneer along with garam masala.

For the base:

– Wash the raw rice and leave it soaked for 1 hour.

– Decant the water and spread the rice on a piece of cloth.

– Allow it to drain all the water and grind it in the mixer to a fine powder.

– Sieve it to remove the unground granules.

– Keep the ground rice powder aside.

– Take 2 tspn cooking oil and fry (thadka) mustard and chana dal.

– Add the thadka along with the chopped green chilli and salt to the dry rice powder.

– Mix the entire powder thoroughly.

– Boil about 200 ml of water in a vessel and add the mixed powder slowly and keep stirring so that it becomes viscous.

– Knead hard enough to make small balls. Add water if it becomes too hard while cooking.

– Flatten the ball and stuff it with the paneer-potato.

– Seam the ball.

– Steam the balls in an idli holder in a pressure cooker without the weight whistle for 10 minutes. (Spread a little oil on the idli plates to avoid sticking.)

– Serve hot!