Tasty and Nutritious snack option for the fussy eaters. The recipe is kidney friendly, fun to eat and super easy to make.


Whole Wheat Chapatti, 6 “  1 in no

Paneer, grated 25 g

Capsicum, green, Julian cut ¼ th cup

Onions, sliced, thin ¼ th cup

Cabbage, Shredded ¼ cup

Ketchup 1 tsp

Mayonnaise 1 tsp

Chat Masala ¼ tsp


In a plate, place a chapatti . Place grated paneer in the center of wrap and sprinkle chat masala over it.

Top the paneer with chopped vegetables, Ketchup and mayonnaise.

Wrap the contents to form a roll.

Place the roll in a griller and grill it for 2-3 min or until crispy.

Serve Hot.

Nutritional Content per serving:

237 Kcal|10 Protein g|181.44 Sodium mg|195.25 Potassium mg| 240.87 Phosphorus mg|4.41 Fibre g

Note: Chat Masala, Ketchup and Mayonnaise needs to be used with caution and only in the suggested quantity, as excess, will add extra sodium in the recipe.