By, Pooja Yadav

Dietician, Nephroplus

Apple Halwa is a simple and calorie dense recipe. You can also add kidney friendly supplement to make it rich in protein.

Serving Size-1 bowl

Portion Size: 2 bowl


  • Apple-200gm
  • Milk(cow)-1/2 cups (70 ml)
  • Almonds -5 in no 5 gm
  • Cinnamon-2gm
  • Brown Sugar-1tbsp (15gm)


  • Firstly Peel & cut or grate the apple and add them to a pre heated pan.
  • Add the milk or sugar in to the pan and mix it properly. Cook for the 15-20 minutes on low flame till it thickens. Add cinnamon powder and chopped almonds.
  • Apple Halwa is ready to serve.

Nutritional value Per Serving


Note: Once the Apple Halwa is taken down from heat, you may add kidney friendly protein supplement to make it protein rich.