Prabhjot Singh, Hoshiarpur

nephroplus | October 5, 2016

Prabhjot, 20 years old,once a carefree soul never imagined something like this happening to him. It started with swelling on the face. After having gone to a Civil Hospital for general check-up for this, he was asked to get some additional tests done. His world came crashing down when the investigation reports showed his Creatinine levels had risen to 10. He was diagnosed with ESRD. The reason for this was “Excessive Intake of Steroids while working out without proper consultation”, an ignorant mistake done by so many of us.
He thought his life will take a new turn when his grandfather donated a kidney to him. Even though the procedure was successful, complications started soon after and his condition worsened. Everyone’s fears were confirmed when he was informed by the doctor that the new kidney had failed as well.
But he never lost hope. He started undergoing dialysis at NephroPlus with zeal and the will of iron. He is one of the guests who portrays what we at NephroPlus try our best to do – make sure all our guests lead a normal life. He is extremely happy with the services and is waiting for a donor to undergo another transplant.

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