NephroPlus Begins Operations

nephroplus | March 20, 2010

We finally began operations yesterday!

Here are the three things about our center that are different:

1. Availability of different modalities of hemodialysis

We offer non-conventional modalities like nocturnal daily dialysis, short daily dialysis and every other day dialysis apart from the regular thrice a week, four hour sessions. This is great because nephrologists and dialyzors are both realizing the advantages of more frequent, longer duration dialysis treatments.

Until now, anyone who wanted to try these modalities had only one option – a home setup. Though it is ideal for the dialyzor in many ways, it is not practical for all, especially in India where the infrastructure for such a set up and handling any emergency that might come up barely exists.

For people who are traveling to the city from other parts of India and abroad, and who are on one of these modalities, this center will prove to be a boon.

2. Stringent processes to prevent cross infections

Today, cross infections with viruses such as Hepatitis C have become rampant in dialysis centers across the country. Nephroplus has come up with a stringent 46 step process that eliminates many points where cross infections can occur. The CDC guidelines for preventing cross infections in dialysis centers are followed strictly. For example, the common medication trolley that most centers in India still use and which has been found to be a major source of cross infections has been done away with entirely.

Blood tubings will not be reused at all and dialyzer reuse is strongly discouraged. The goal of the center is ‘Zero Seroconversions’.

3. Convenient facilities

There is a television for each dialyzor, a departure from the normally seen one-TV-set-for-the-whole-unit along with free Internet access over Wifi. There is also a pick up and drop off facility.

The center itself has great interiors which makes the whole experience of going for a session more cheerful and less dreary.

You can call +91-40-42408039 for more information.

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