Made any healthy resolutions this New Year?

nephroplus | January 17, 2014

By Akhila Gullapuram, MS, RD, Chief Dietician, NephroPlus Dialysis Centres

With barely two weeks into the New Year, if you made any resolutions, it’s time to review if your rope is firm and it’s comfortable to walk smoothly without sliding off the track! If you had a presentiment to feel healthier, happier this New Year, one of your resolutions could have been eating healthier and feeling great on dialysis. If you didn’t ring in the New Year with any healthy eating resolutions but want to feel good on dialysis, I am not sure if you were thinking this:


Don’t regret a moment if you didn’t choose this New Year to make any resolutions to make your life better on dialysis. We have many occasions to begin a new outlook!

Here are some “Healthy Eating“ and “Feel Great” Resolutions for Dialysis:

  1. Learning your kidney diet thoroughly.
  2. Maintain or achieve a healthy weight.
  3. Gain no more than 2 to 3 kg between the dialysis treatments.
  4. Maintain potassium levels in the advised range.
  5. Learn about kidney disease and take control of the disease rather than letting the disease take control of you.
  6. Be two steps ahead in anemia management.
  7. Improve relationships and meet friends periodically.
  8. Holidaying and travelling once a year.
  9. Start a physical activity.
  10. Aim for some thing in life which makes you feel worthy and happier.

There can be many resolutions depending on the areas which are most important to you now. The tough part is to keep hanging on to achieve these goals. Many begin to slide off the track too soon and feel that they made half- hearted swearing when the clock struck midnight. Finding support and learning smaller targets to achieve your actual goal is the way to success!

If you want to gain no more than 2-3 kg between dialysis treatments, your smaller targets would be:

  • Go for all the dialysis treatments as recommended.
  • Stay there for your whole treatment.
  • Avoid salty foods.
  • Drink only the fluid in recommended quantity.
  • Learn all the ways to control your thirst and try them all!

Remember, even achieving smaller targets require support and knowledge. Ask your dietitian to provide ways to achieve the targets. Nothing is really silly, because changing habits takes a lot of effort! Don’t forget to give a pat after every achievement. You deserve it for the success!

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