Keys To a Gorgeous, Glorious, Healthy, New Year 2015

nephroplus | December 31, 2014

By Akhila Gullapuram, MS, RD, Chief dietician, NephroPlus


Hope is the light of glorious New Year. A hope to accomplish things you couldn’t do last year; a hope to set new goals for a happier and healthier life.


Access for dialysis is your life line! Take good care of it.


Prevent problems of itching, weak bones, and hardened arteries by learning to eat prescribed amount of phosphorus each day and take phosphate binders if prescribed, with your meals.


Potassium level in your blood should neither be high nor low. Symptoms like irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness and cramps are same for low or high potassium. Eat a mix of high, medium and low potassium foods. Enjoy foods you like by modifying a little and by proper planning to achieve the required range.


You! Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy and joyful by breathing better. Take your erythropoietin shots as prescribed to prevent anemia. Renal multivitamin helps to form more red blood cells.


New Year 2015 is here and another chance for us to get nutrition right. When protein level in your body is appropriate, chances are you will feel more energetic. Infections and hospitalizations are most likely to be away from you with good nutrition. You can eat enough protein when you will dialyze as prescribed by your doctor.


Eating is enjoyment; don’t ruin your enjoyment and health by eating foods which you are told not to eat. Instead learn the foods you can eat and find the ways to enjoy different foods close to your liking.


Watch high weight gains between treatments by watching the salt you eat to protect your heart.  Avoid puffiness of face, legs and shortness of breath by avoiding high salty foods like chips, biscuits, snack mixtures, processed meats, and foods from outside without modifying to your needs. Use herbs, spices and learn to cook the ways which impart good flavor to the food.


Years should only add a new beauty and freshness into your life. Learn things of your interest each year and keep yourself engaged and satisfied. Worrying on things which cannot be solved will waste your remaining time as well. Work towards solutions. Anger, resentment and feelings of helplessness will decrease your energy.


Exercise can enhance the feeling of well-being. Ask your doctor which exercise is appropriate for you. You can do many exercises while even sitting. Yoga may be an option. Explore new opportunities for making you feel good!


Always remember to be happy because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!


Recipes are modified to suit the needs of dialysis in the recipe section of the NephroPlus website. Note the portions allowed and changes in the recipe and try cooking what you like.


2 be on top of your care should be your priority!


0 problems on dialysis are possible only when you take charge of yourself!


1 thing to accomplish this new- year is to “feel good” for sure.


5 must nutrients to remember while eating food on dialysis are potassium, phosphorus, protein, salt and water.

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