Introducing Holiday Dialysis!

nephroplus | July 6, 2013



At NephroPlus, we strongly believe that people on dialysis can have a life that is very close to normal. Travel is something that gives a refreshing change from the dreary routine we get used to in our lives. Very often, people on dialysis hesitate before embarking on a trip due to the enormous hassles involved. Flight or train tickets, hotel bookings, cab bookings are all a pain. To top it all, we need to worry about dialysis as well!

To make sure dialysis patients do not miss out on the joys of a good holiday, we created the Holiday Dialysis program. This is a one point-of-contact program for dialysis patients to be able to travel with ease, without the hassles of arranging different things and being in touch with multiple people for different things.

All you need to do is to contact us and we will arrange everything – from flight or train tickets to hotel reservations to cab bookings to your dialysis sessions!

We are starting off this program by introducing packages to the beautiful town of Alleppey in Kerala, known for its backwaters and beaches! We have a wide range of packages suiting different budgets for different number of days. Please take full advantage of this completely-easy-to-do holiday program and get that break you so deserve!

To find out more and book your trip,  send an email to kamal@nephroplus.com! Click here to see more details.

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