Aashayein is our flagship annual event exclusively for dialysis patients. It is a one day free, educational cum fun event for dialysis patients. Patients get to interact with experts on kidney disease such as Nephrologists, Urologists, Transplant Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and Dieticians. They also get to meet other patients and share notes on coping with kidney disease. There are also a lot of fun and games and a whole bunch of free gifts! The best part of the day is usually an elaborate lunch that is prepared in accordance with the renal diet.

The word Aashayein means hopes. Hope is a very powerful word. It represents light at the end of the tunnel. It represents joy in the middle of despair. It represents the thought that the current misery will end one day.

The life of a dialysis patient is often quite frustrating. Day after day, week after week, month after month, patients have to trudge along to their dialysis centers for a life-sustaining treatment with no hope for succor. A kidney transplant is often out of reach for many such people.

However, it need not always be like that. This is what we wanted to show those on dialysis. Hence Aashayein! We wanted to show dialysis patients that they can lead normal lives despite being on dialysis. At this event, patients hear nephrologists, urologists, dietician and most importantly, other dialysis patients talk about how you can lead the life you want to and reduce dialysis to being just a small part of your life.

We also have a whole lot of fun and games and an elaborate lunch that is prepared in accordance with the diet prescribed for a dialysis patient. By doing this we wanted to make a statement: Food can be tasty despite being according to the dialysis patient diet!

Patients are given a bunch of goodies as well with things that are useful for them like erythropoietin and iron injections, bags they can carry to the dialysis units etc.

At the end of the day they have usually had a ball! One day of fun. One day of unbridled entertainment. One day of some great tips on how to live a good life. They deserve this much, don’t they?