Fluid management in summer

nephroplus | April 6, 2013

Summers in India can be torturous, especially for us on dialysis. Fluid restrictions are tough as it is, with the increasing temperature it can become pretty difficult. It is important to plan your fluid intake rather than give in to impulsive drinking.

Try these simple tips to help with managing your fluid intake:


– Squeeze the juice of one lemon (‘nimbu’) in half a glass of water and pour this water into an ice tray. Once frozen, whenever you feel thirsty, you can suck on a cube of ice for relief for a long time. Plus the cold feeling on your tongue really helps you feel good on a hot summer afternoon. Remember to include the quantity of water in your daily fluid limit.


– Gargle with a mouthwash. This gives your mouth a fresh feeling and helps reduce craving for water.

– Try certain astringent foods like ‘kala jamun’ or ‘imli goli’. This creates a puckered sensation in your mouth and helps prevent thirst.

– Always have very cold or very hot water. This also prevents you from gulping water thus reducing the amount of liquid consumed.


– Try the Pink Watermelon cooler recipe in the Recipes section. It is a fantastic way to have a treat in these hot summer months!

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