Five Quick and Planned, Salt-Free Snacks For Dialysis

nephroplus | October 30, 2015

By Akhila Gullapuram, MS, RD

Snacking on dialysis is a great way of adding some required calories and protein over the day. However eating snacks such as bhujia, chips, biscuits, khara, bhel, from the market in a habitual way have lot of perils. Firstly these snacks have lot of salt in them which can cause unnecessary thirst and one can end up drinking excess water. Secondly these snacks are mostly loaded with saturated fat and hardly have any desired nutrition.

Eating not so nutritious snacks once in a while is not a bad idea but snacking smart is what would work on dialysis. Snacking smart means snacking nutritiously which is good for dialysis. People on dialysis require lot of protein and calories and less salt. Here are some simple snacks specially made for you which have enough calories and protein in them and yet taste like snacks you would want to eat.

  • Microwave Tofu Papad


One of the very easy and high protein snack to make quickly in microwave. The recipe is salt free and enhances the flavor by using simple herbs, spices and olive oil.

  • Baked Masala Vada


If you thought you are always cheating and eating fried vadas, here is the baked vada version which has no salt in it yet you won’t know it is salt less.

  • Beet red Chips


Crunchy texture of chips can compensate less salt in them. If you want to snack on this crunchy chips, enhance its flavor with little planning. Try this easy and effortless recipe.

  • Fruity Bhel


A chutney less bhel with mix of sweet and sour taste and added crunch in it.

  • Popcorn Bhel


You can eat plain crunchy popcorn or make a bhel to get extra nutrition and satisfy not only your taste buds but your hunger as well.

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