Eat Right and Feel Good This Festive Season!

nephroplus | October 29, 2013



By Akhila Gullapuram MS,RD

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the festivities anywhere near. With Navaratri, Bakrid and Dusshera gone by this year, we are heading for Diwali next in the pipeline followed by Christmas, New-year and Sankranti. The thought of the festival of lights –Diwali, brings in family and food to the center stage. Although there is no festival in India which would revolve without delicious food, Diwali brings in the array of sweet delicacies to the mind.

Many regions of India begin their Diwali morning with a plate full of variety of sweets even for the breakfast. Some of-course who cannot stand so sweet plate add up variety of namkeens. Imagine the plight of the people who are trying to shape up before and after the festivities when they receive loads of sweet boxes as a friendly gesture on Diwali. The good news for people on dialysis is that usually they have to eat lot of calories to meet their dialysis needs and may not have to count every morsel. People on dialysis who are not diabetic and struggling to put on weight might have a chance to indulge if they eat right kind of delicacies. However, this does not apply for the people who are diabetic, overweight and struggling to lose weight even if on dialysis.

As a dietitian, I have observed that usually many people prefer cooking their traditional dishes only the way they learnt all their life. Some of them have very strong belief system that the dishes won’t taste good if they alter the recipes. One must weigh out the pros and cons of exact taste to healthy living. Bringing in slight variations in the recipe can vary the health of the people on dialysis and keep all the joy intact for the festival. Since food is so critical for people on the renal diet, here are some tips which you might want to consider to feel good this festive season:

1. You do not have to deprive yourself of all these delicacies or ignore the renal diet all together to indulge in yummy food. Your dietitian can individualize your festival menu to suit your needs. Learn to customize your holiday menu. . Since preferences of foods for festive menu vary from family to family, a planned menu will take care of all the needs of dialysis without ignoring taste and preference.

2. Cooking at home from the scratch will have lot of control on what will go inside.

3.Keep a check on salt intake and try making the occasion special with your loved ones

4. Do not forget to replace sugar with sugar free if you are diabetic and eating sweets.

5. Try recipes which will not involve frying in oils. Most sweets already have oil and ghee in the recipe.


Here are some sweets, which does not need much sugar or ghee and will take care that your festive time goes smooth:

  1. Carrot beet halwa
  2. Pineapple Sheera
  3. Suji laddo
  4. Sevaiyya

Making little effort for your loved ones on dialysis is after all  so worthy!

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