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Diet in Dialysis: Myths & Realities

By Mrinal Pandit, Chief Dietician, NephroPlus Get the scoop and the truth behind common dialysis diet related misconceptions. Myth: As salt is restricted in dialysis diet, patients can use salt substitute with no quantity restriction. Reality: If you are advised to restrict potassium intake be careful about using salt substitutes as most of them are […]

nephroplus |July 1, 2016


Know More about Your Nutrient: Protein

nephroplus |May 30, 2016

Count When You Eat!

nephroplus |May 5, 2016

Managing Nutrition in an Emergency

nephroplus |April 23, 2016

Substitute your Sugar, Not your Smile.

nephroplus |April 6, 2016

Manage Your Fluids

nephroplus |March 29, 2016

Can I Remain Vegetarian on Dialysis?

nephroplus |August 6, 2015

Turn an ordinary day into a crispy treat!

nephroplus |October 11, 2014

Are fruits beneficial on dialysis?

nephroplus |May 9, 2014