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Hepatitis C testing in Dialysis Patients: Making sense of the various options

By: Kamal D. Shah, Co-Founder & Director, Guest Services, NephroPlus Hepatitis C is a major problem in dialysis patients. Dialysis patients are at risk of seroconversion (getting infected with the virus) since their blood is being drawn out of the body and is passed through an external system. This risk is further increased when the […]

nephroplus |February 25, 2020

An epidemic called ‘Junk food’

nephroplus |February 25, 2020

Know About Phosphorus

nephroplus |February 12, 2020


It’s a Ginger Thing

nephroplus |February 5, 2020

Monsoon and Food Safety

nephroplus |July 29, 2019

Know your hemodialysis

nephroplus |May 29, 2019

Protein Energy Wasting (PEW)

nephroplus |April 18, 2019

Spice Up Food Without Salt

nephroplus |March 4, 2019

Probiotics: What are they ?

nephroplus |November 1, 2018

Neutopenic Diet

nephroplus |April 10, 2018

CKD and Constipation

nephroplus |April 4, 2018

Post-Transplant Nutritional Care

nephroplus |February 23, 2018

Diet in Critically ill Dialysis Patient

nephroplus |June 20, 2017