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Monsoon and Food Safety

By Mrinal Pandit, Chief Dietician, NephroPlus A balanced diet should compromises of 5-6 serving of vegetables and fruits, as they form the base of a healthy diet. They contribute to the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers as per recommended dietary allowance. Unfortunately, they are the biggest host for pathogens and lead to […]

nephroplus |July 29, 2019

Know your hemodialysis

nephroplus |May 29, 2019

Protein Energy Wasting (PEW)

nephroplus |April 18, 2019


Spice Up Food Without Salt

nephroplus |March 4, 2019

Probiotics: What are they ?

nephroplus |November 1, 2018

Neutopenic Diet

nephroplus |April 10, 2018

CKD and Constipation

nephroplus |April 4, 2018

Post-Transplant Nutritional Care

nephroplus |February 23, 2018

Diet in Critically ill Dialysis Patient

nephroplus |June 20, 2017

Subdue acidity and its effects

nephroplus |June 6, 2017

Stay Active- Stay Fit With Kidney Disease

nephroplus |April 24, 2017

The Sunshine Vitamin and CKD

nephroplus |February 7, 2017