Are You Getting ‘Adequate’ Dialysis?

nephroplus | March 3, 2013

Many dialysis patients wonder why they are going for dialysis? They keep going again and again for this painful, frustrating process and they do not feel much better. Why then, they would argue, must they continue the treatment at all?

This is sad. Dialysis is a therapy that can genuinely make the patient feel better. If the dialysis is of a good quality and is delivered in an optimal dose.

Let us take an example. Let’s say you have a headache. You visit a doctor and the doctor says it is not very serious. ‘Please take one tablet of Crocin and you should feel better.’ Now you go home and open your medicine box and find the strip of Crocin but decide to take only half a tablet. What would happen? You would definitely not benefit. The headache would not go completely! Would you really blame the Crocin for not curing you of your headache? Would you say that Crocin does not give relief in headaches? No! You must realize that any therapy has its desired effect only if it is taken at the optimal dose.

Exactly the same applies for dialysis as well.

Every individual has a different requirement for dialysis. There are many parameters involved in dialysis. It is extremely important that these parameters be customized to suit the individual receiving dialysis. Dialysis is definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ therapy!

Make sure your center is measuring your dialysis dose by a scientific method and acting on the results. If it is estimated that you are not getting even adequate dialysis, you will definitely not feel well.

Remember, dialysis can make you feel very close to normal. If you are not feeling that way, you are not getting optimal dialysis. A lot of things can be done to correct this, fortunately! Talk to your nephrologist and clinical team to discuss this.

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