Aashayein Kidney Foundation

Being diagnosed with Kidney Disease can be devastating for an individual along with the family. Often, the entire lifetime’s savings of a family are wiped out in a matter of months or years. Many patients cannot afford this treatment and often end up dying by withdrawing from treatment or taking inadequate treatment to prevent their family’s savings from being completely used up in their treatment.

Through Aashayein Kidney Foundation, we support patients and their families in mitigating the financial problems that accompany treatment for kidney disease which is dialysis and the associated medications and investigations.

We invite contributions from you to help support us in this cause and help patients live longer, more productive lives. We have various ways in which you can support patients through our “Donate a Life” program.

Donate a Life for Two Years Rs. 6 lakhs
Donate a Life for One Year Rs. 3 lakhs
Donate a Life for Six Months Rs. 1.5 lakh
Donate a Life for One Month Rs. 25,000
Donate Medicines and Investigations for One Month Rs. 5,000


We would be happy to accept donations for a specific amount not listed above. Please get in touch with us at info@aashayein.net or call +91-40-6000-7200